Church Security

Is your church looking to add a layer of protection for its members? Well you're in luck, due to the high demand recently we have decided to offer FREE North Carolina Concealed Carry training for 2 of your church "security members". We only ask that you help us cover the cost of materials $10, and if you need to rent equipment we will offer a 50% discount your rental fee.

Is your congregation looking for a productive outing, perhaps looking to take the NC Concealed Carry Class or even just a Safety Course. For Congregations of 10 or more we are offering a special discount of 20% off. We can start our day with a group prayer if you wish, followed by a brief Meet & Greet with complementary breakfast on us. 

Are you and your friends or classmates looking for a way to learn how to shoot? We offer a special class that first teaches you about firearms and safety, and then spends time on the range shooting different types and sizes of firearms so that you can figure out what you like or dont like and if shooting is for you. Contact us today for more information!

Are you a local business who wants to allow its employees to protect themselves, have a fun group outing, and engage in some team building? We are offering special tailored courses for businesses to take the NC Concealed Carry Class, or any other program at flat rates. We have different programs for all business sizes so please contact us today for more details.

College Group



We offer special services and pricing for special groups in our community. If you're looking to get your group training please read more about our offering and contact us today for more information and special bookings dates we can make available for you. All group services can be taught on your time, and at your location if you prefer.

Group Services