North Carolina Concealed Carry Class

8+ Hour Course - This course is the North Carolina Justice Academy (NCJA) certified course on the laws governing deadly force in the state of North Carolina (NC), the NRA Basic Pistol Course, and the NCJA’s shooting classification test. The purpose of this course is to allow a lawful citizen of the state of North Carolina, who is legally able to obtain a permit in the state, to learn basic safety, skills and functions of firearms as well as NC laws regarding deadly force and self-defense. This class is taught in a group, individual, or specialty (ex: female only) format. This course is 8+ hours of classroom lecture and study followed by 2 hours at the shooting range after successfully passing a written exam. This course timing is the state minimum, so be prepared to stay longer than anticipated.

The classroom phase covers the laws governing self-defense, deadly force, basic firearm functions and firearm ownership. You will learn when you can and cannot use deadly force, where you can and cannot carry a concealed handgun and what your responsibilities are when traveling out of state. We cover various types of handguns and ammunition and how to operate and maintain them. The range portion of the course is reviewed in the classroom but you can expect to be firing a minimum of 30 rounds from 3, 5 & 7 yards at a target. Passing this course requires that you can safely handle, load, unload, and shoot your pistol to the State and our internal requirements. Both the instructors and students are required to treat safety as the number one priority of this course. 

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