Saturday's CCH Class 100% Success

Yesterday we held a personalized concealed carry class for a group of students in Dunn. We started the morning with a Sherry's Bakery and Bojangles meet and greet and got to know one another over some coffee, donuts and biscuits, what could be better? After some ice breaking and introductions we dug into safety, spent 2 interactive hours on the law and participated in some role plays to keep everyone engaged. Next we got into handguns and ammunition and everyone got a chance to hold, demonstrate, and then coach others on the types and differences of both (dummy of course).

Before we knew it, lunch had arrived. We all squeezed in a packed Broad Street Deli for a sandwich and light conversation. Now I'm going to stop right there because at this point it sounds like I'm delivering a outline. I want you the readers to look back at my last paragraph and tell me if you've ever taken a training, or class that offered you breakfast and gave you chances to be interactive and moving around, and where you got to teach others what you were learning, and ... you get my point. We at Fundamental Safety want this learning experience to be as rewarding as possible, you are after all spending your Saturday with us.

After some more instruction, dry-fire practice and shooting lasers with our SIRT pistols, we headed to the range for the remainder of the day.

Today as a class we elected to be tucked away on a private farm range just outside of town as our group wanted more hands on instruction without others around. Otherwise we would have headed to our #1 range choice at H20 Fowl Farms in Dunn where the friendly staff always welcome us with open arms and new amenities.

The class started running shooting position, grip, sight alignment and fundamental drills with our laser SIRT pistols to get comfortable with our safety and range rules, and to help coach one another before the real-deal. We treated the drills as if we were using actual firearms (always!) and our students excelled! It was amazing to watch how quickly everyone picked up the fundamentals. After some practice we introduced some legal refreshers into the equation and our students got to experience a taste of our Personal Protection and Defensive pistol courses.

Finally we introduced the live-fire portion of the class, starting with our lightest, easiest, quiet and most fun to shoot .22 long rifle revolver and semi-automative pistols. We practiced from 3, 5 and 7 yards and then tested at those distances. After what looked like a NRA Bullseye competition occurred we moved up to 9mm handguns and allowed the class to experience the differences here and practice shooting at those distances.

I was amazed at the level of participation, safety, and fun everyone was having on such a warm day! When class ended, with a 100% success rate I might add, everyone left with a smile on their face and a proud picture to show off. I just wanted to thank our class of 9.19.15 for all your hard work, and for all signing up to take more classes with us! I couldn't be more grateful.


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